Casting Powder

HI-TECH has successfully introduced its “HI-THERM” range of casting powder which is available in powder or granular form for both open and closed continuous casting of steel. They are applied to the mold during the continuous casting process and play an important role in the end product quality and process safety.

We have mould fluxes for various section sizes such as billet, bloom, round and slab and for different steel grades such as high carbon, low carbon, medium carbon and peritectic grades.

HI-TECH MouldFlux is uniquely designed as per each customer requirement and operational practice to offer the following resultant properties.

 Optimum melting rate and temperature range

 Better flowability and spreadability

 Suitable homogeneity and viscosity

Our fluxes are capable of delivering best optimization of performance and productivity resulting into the following range of benefits.

 Excellent thermal insulation to prevent temperature drop in liquid steel

 Enhanced lubrication at the metal mould interface

 Uniform heat transfer between mould and the solidifying steel to prevent surface defects

 Improved slag absorption properties for cleaner steel

 Optimum consumption

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