Tundish Lining and Cover

Tundish Working Lining

Mag Boards

HI-TECH board is supplied as per each specific tundish design in easy-to-handle form which locks together. Full impenetrable shield is achieved by wedging or by the use of interlocking boards. High grade refractory cement is then used to seal all the joints. HI-TECH boards are suitable for a range of tundish designs, sizes, casting life and steel chemistries.

 Can be used with or without preheat.

 Short tundish turnaround time.

 Excellent insulation resulting in low tundish shell temperature.

 The tundish skull is removed quickly and easily without sticking or ‘hang-up’.

 High insulation properties results in better permanent refractory life.

We also offer a highly graded refractory air-setting material supplied in ready to use form. HI-TECH TundSeal provides excellent sealing of joints between Tundish Boards and prevents ant liquid metal leakage behind the Tundish Boards.

Spray Mass

HI-TECH SprayMass is a low-density, wet slurry mix applied using a spray machine. It is chemically basic that forms the working lining in the tundish. On curing, the sprayed lining develops a chemical bond, which is supplemented by a ceramic bond in contact with liquid steel. As it is sprayed, not gunned, rebound loss is eliminated.

While the monolithic construction reduces the chances of metal penetration, lower density provides insulation properties superior to other monolithic lining systems. The lining thickness can be adjusted at slag line and ladle stream impact zones to facilitate long sequence casts.

HI-TECH SprayMass offers high mechanical strength with excellent erosion resistance and deskulling properties.

 No rebound losses

 Higher tundish capacity

 Faster tundish turnaround time

 Enhanced safety of the tundish permanent lining

HI-TECH also offers the capability to provide spray machines and related accessories with complete maintenance services. These are available on both supply basis and also as part of full management solutions.

Dry Vibro Mass

DRY-VIBRO MASS is the dry tundish liner installed by vibration and heat set. Once installed & cured, it has the same function as the Tundish Wall Board, but has no joints and offers higher life of working lining.

HI-TECH DVM is offered in a range of MgO content and designed for hot practice or cold practice tundishes.

 Environmentally safe

 Glow flowability and easy deskulling

 Excellent mechanical and corrosion resistance

 No processing machinery, high tundish availability

 No water required for lining with high metallurgical purity

The unique advantage of HI-TECH DVM is the dry lining mix technology combined with the binder technology, achieved after years of dedicated research and development. The key benefits are seen in the form of quick and safe lining with no negative reaction with tundish permanent lining. Our binder technology involves the use of reduced carbon content, reduced dust and low odour.

Tundish Backup Lining

HI-TECH LC70 offers excellent thermal shock resistance, hot load stability and resistance to penetration by molten metal due to its low porosity. It can last for more than 500 heats.

 Forms a seamless ceramic body

 Offers increased wear resistance

 Less time needed for lining with reduced personnel costs

Mortars and Castables

A range of compounds for patching and sealing are available for use in the tundish such as tundish patching mass, magna powder and liquid, 90K mortars, magnesia ramming mass and castables.