HI-TECH has the capability to serve a wide range of industries such as iron & steel (primary), foundry, power, cement, and energy, through our diverse range of products (customized designs) and services.

Our many years of dedicated experience and expertise has been most sought after and appreciated by our clients across the world. At HI-TECH, we have been fulfilling our customers’ critical demands and requirements while delivering an exceptional service experience.

In the iron & steel industry, our products and services can be applied across a wide range of domains such as blast furnace and casthouse zone, steel melting zone, oxygen and electric furnaces, steel ladle and tundish vessels, flow control, continuous casting and so on. Our products are customized as per the varying steel plants’ requirements, depending on capacity, steel grade, special requirements and so on.

For the foundry industry, our products are tailor made to serve several casting requirements for use in furnaces, mould and core making, patching and repair maintenance and so on.

Our lining refractories for wide applications in sponge plants, power industries, cement kilns and energy sector has techno-commercially benefited industries in many ways over the years.