Blast Furnace

Blast furnace continues to form the most important primary aggregate in the iron & steel industry. With core furnace temperatures of above 2200°C and tapping temperature of around 1500°C, reliable refractory solutions are completely essential.

At HI-TECH, we believe that extending refractory life is an essential component in efficient and economical pig iron production and thus we accordingly base our solutions to provide maximum techno-commercial benefits to our clients.

Taphole Clay

The core challenge in a blast furnace lies in the application of a fast binding and firm tapping mix which can be drilled open easily. HI-TECH, with its HI-TAP range of clays, has been engineering and manufacturing taphole clay since over 20 years. Being a leader in taphole clay technology, HI-TECH has the capability to design suitable taphole clays that can meet your demanding blast furnace needs.

In a blast furnace, taphole clays are not only used to plug the outlet for the hot metal produced but also to be drilled for the subsequent cast. As the mudgun pushes the clay into taphole of the blast furnace, it hardens and controls the hot metal and slag from coming out of the furnace.

It is important that the taphole clay must consistently ensure the following:

 Good flowability to plug the taphole

 Good erosion and corrosion resistance

 High strength and easy drilling

  Stable and controllable taphole length

  Fast sintering within the taphole

It is vital to note that the above factors are best achieved by considering not just the clay but the taphole environment as a whole. In order to ensure that the required parameters are met, our engineers and experts analyse a range of furnace parameters such as productivity, temperate, liquid chemistry, gun characteristics, environmental conditions and logistics. HI-TECH offers complete experience and expertise of operating both in the smaller furnaces (<1000m3) and larger furnaces (>=4000m3) with successful results.

Besides product supply, we can provide complete services ranging from on-site skilled technicians and operators to data analysis and performance monitoring.