For over 15 years, HI-TECH has provided refractories for the casthouse. Apart from quality products, we also offer value added services to our clients ranging from design engineering and materials technology to installation and repair.

 Optimized product zoning with system designs for any type of trough configurations

  Superior raw material quality to reduce oxidation and wear rates

  Ultra low water, high performance castables with specific products per application

  Hot casting, precast shapes and safety linings

  Reduced dust formation and good adherence

  Variety of ramming materials and specialities to cope with installation situations and process conditions

  Installation schedules, support and supervision

  Data collection, analysis and performance evaluation

Trough castables and rocking runners are employed on the casthouse floor to transfer molten iron tapped from blast furnace to torpedo cars or iron ladles. HI-TECH proposes appropriate refractory materials and high performance solutions for whole cast house which includes main trough, slag runner, iron runner, tilting runner and others, to ensure total reliability, achieve long campaigns and to reduce maintenance downtime.

Trough Castable

Trough castable has much less porosity than trough ramming mass because of its monolithic dense structure. As a result of its reduced porosity, trough castable offers better resilience to iron & slag penetration in the lining and thus ensures safer operation. HI-TECH trough castable containing high purity grains offers superior abrasion resistance and crack resistance and can be safely used in the main trough of the casthouse.

Trough Ramming Mass

Our HI-RAM range of ramming mass series for casthouse runners has consistently improved performance benchmarks of both trough life and performance reliability. HI-TECH special HI-RAM mass can be used for both initial lining and for periodic repairs in the metal and by-pass runner zones. Its chemical composition and physical properties combine to guarantee low consumption values with longer service life and fewer repairs.