At HI-TECH, we continuously strive to serve our customers with value added benefits at various stages of customer operations. As part of such initiative, we bring to you our management services, wherein we work alongside our clients to manage the day-to-day requirements of the application area, ranging from design engineering, product supply and technical expertise to on-site services, repair maintenance and performance evaluation.

The follow up of the entire process is done by the technical support team. Monitoring of the operational variables allow joint performance evaluation of the refractories as well as constant improvement of the processes, with the purpose of protecting the refractory lining and the correct use of repair materials, among other services.

 Supply of refractories as per site requirement on a cost per ton throughput model

 Design Services for suitable and optimized lining pattern

 Skilled manpower for product application and on-site services

 Round the clock monitoring and supervision, scheduled repair maintenance and performance evaluation