Besides a wide range of products, HI-TECH has invested in a wide range of services to achieve a unique intensive cooperation with our customers in the steel plants. We not only provide our customers with a range of quality products but also supplement the same through application services and operational support. In addition to material supply, our services include:

 On-site quality assurance, tracking, documentation and control

 Requirement analysis, inspection services and product recommendations

 Design services, product sample inspection and approval

 Cost analysis and control

 Systems, mechanisms and engineering services

 Maintenance services

 Application monitoring, supervision and documentation

 Site safety, administration and reporting

 Refractory management contracts and execution services

Through our individual services, systems and package solutions, we aim to enhance the value chain of our customers.

Requirement analysis, design and inspection services

Our years of experience and knowledge allow us to recommend refractories from a range of options to our valuable clients across the globe. By being able to study our client operational requirements and practices, we accordingly design our products to best suit the needs of our customers. As a true partner, since we always strive to offer more than just refractories, our team works alongside our clients to even assist them on sample inspection, trial services and performance evaluation.

Expert team and global network of dedicated professionals and technicians

HI-TECH has a unique team of dedicated professionals and talented engineers spread across locations to guarantee the best possible customer experience. By taking responsibility for product application, on-site operations, quality assurance, important health and occupational safety measures, the team ensures the well-being of its members and client expectations.

Refractory management services

At HI-TECH, we believe that when large-scale operations and as critical as molten steel are concerned, it becomes imperative looking for a partner that can offer more than just refractories, a partner capable of offering integrated solutions, committed to each customer and focussed on results; solutions that have global reach without losing sight of regional characteristics that make each customer unique.

Over the years, HI-TECH has achieved the above by continuously winning the confidence of many of its clients. Through our unique management services in various applications areas such as blast furnace, ladles, tundish, convertor, arc furnace and so on, we have successfully met our client needs and satisfaction. For some examples of our management services please refer to the sections on steel ladle (3.3), iron making (1.3) and continuous casting (4.4).

HI-TECH management solutions are keyed to the quality standards of our customers, helping them stabilise the production processes, increase in productivity, costs, monitoring, delivery and most importantly a loss in production. Our integration platform helps our clients achieve this through our offered management system solutions.

 Timely and continuous supply of refractories as per requirement with inventory control.

 On-site dedicated support of technical and operational manpower.

 Complete product application and operational support with round the clock monitoring and supervision.

 Design and engineering services and supply of required equipment and accessories.

 Complete services for both scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs.

 Continuous technology support and product upgradation to yield maximum performance benefits.

It is our ability to provide timely and overall service to our customers that makes HI-TECH a trusted partner since many years of dedicated service to the industry.