Arc Furnace (E.A.F.)

EBT Filling Mass

HI-TECH EBT FillMass is high refractory granular material used in electric arc furnace (EAF) with eccentric bottom tapping for free and easier opening of taphole. This does not sinter under steel making temperatures and hence remains highly flowable even at high temperatures, ensuring the following benefits:

 Free flow of uniform stream of liquid metal

 Minimizes oxygen lancing

 Increases the lining life of taphole refractories

 Free opening of EBT taphole into the electric arc furnace

Gunning Mass

HI-TECH offers a range of gunning mixes with magnesia levels varying from 75% to 90%, depending on the furnace parameters and customer requirements. Our gunning mass have excellent refractoriness and low rebound loss.

HI-TECH technology ensures the most appropriate bonding with the finest quality of Magnesia. Our application services offer greater reliability and cost effectiveness as customers are able to achieve an enhanced campaign life using HI-TECH GunMass.