Convertor (B.O.F.)

Slag Arresting Dart

HI-TECH Dart is a high density refractory shape designed to float at the interface between the liquid steel and slag in the convertor furnace to help minimize the amount of slag that is carried over to the ladle during the tapping process. Slag is an undesirable element that will lead to impurities and a subsequent reduction in steel quality.

 HI-TECH Darts are produced by automatic casting machine to ensure an excellent homogeneity of density and offer the following range of benefits.

 Shut-off success rate of the HI-TECH Dart is nearly 100 %, and is done in an extremely swift & efficient operation

 Designed with multiple slag grooves depending on customer request and requirement

 Reduced wear and consumption of ladle refractories

 Less sulphur and phosphorous reversion

 Increase in steel yield due to improved draining of the BOS vessel

The ability offered by HI-TECH Dart to effectively control the quantity of vessel slag transferred to steel ladle has played a significant role in providing both metallurgical and cost benefits. Effective slag control also results in better refractory performance as part of the taphole, ladle lining and further processing stations.

As part of management services, HI-TECH offers full support ranging from supply, application and supervision to compete mechanism supply, services & maintenance. Over the years our clients have adopted our management services which offer an all inclusive solution platform based on a cost per performance model.

 Design, supply and on-site commissioning of our mechanism

 Supply of all necessary spare parts, accessories with complete maintenance services

 Supply of refractory materials as per requirement with inventory control and on-site stock

 Application and operational manpower skilled to perform a fully managed service

 Performance monitoring

HI-TECH dart mechanism offer precision calibration during installation enabling the dart to be released into the furnace vessel at precisely the right angle to locate the dart tail accurately in the taphole.

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Taphole Sleeve

HI-TECH designs and manufactures joint-less convertor taphole sleeves. These are based on high magnesia content materials, produced by isostatic pressing at very high pressures. The maximum product size is 2500mm.

HI-TECH Advanced ISO Pressing offers excellent high capacity isostatic compaction to produce taphole sleeves of uniform density with exceptional corrosion and erosion resistance.

 High performance reliability of convertor taphole.

 High mechanical strength offers long campaign life with controlled tapping time

 One-piece offers ease of installation with improved convertor availability

 Improved quality of tapped steel.

 Improved maintenance of the taphole sleeves with less intermittent repair time

Taphole FillMass

HI-TECH Taphole FillMass, also known as magnesia ramming mass, is a very high purity gunning material with high bonding strength, for application in between taphole block and taphole sleeves.