Ladle Covering Compound

HI-TECH LadleCover is a highly insulating powder, which has very good expandability and spreadability, so that it expands and spreads instantly to cover entire molten steel surface in the ladle.

Our quality product significantly reduces heat loss due to radiation from the top surface of liquid steel. It helps in maintaining consistent ladle temperature and also prevents temperature drop and freezing of metal in longer duration casting.

 Prevents direct contact of liquid steel to atmosphere and provides insulation for longer durations at temperatures even above 1600 degree Celsius

 Significantly minimizes slag formation and keeps ladle clean

 Loss of metal and cost of lancing is significantly reduced

 Non-acidic nature and reduced smoke is non-detrimental to the working atmosphere and surrounding environment.

Ladle BackFill Mass

The area behind the lining bricks is usually filled using unshaped masses as intermediate and safety lining. HI-TECH Backfill is a high quality alumina or magnesite based ceramically bonded product, which has goof filling and packing properties. This safety layer guarantees optimum protection against infiltrations and running behind bricklaid safety lining.

Our special dry bonding systems are specially developed for this application and are easy to process. Our lining mixes can be simply poured between the brick rings and safety lining during the bricklaying of the wall and rammed.