Ladle Shroud

HI-TECH LadleShroud is an Isostatically pressed Alumina-Carbon composite to guide flow of steel from the ladle to the tundish and is designed to offer maximum protection to the steel stream from re-oxidation.

 Excellent resistance to thermal shock

 Can be used in 100% cold state without any pre-heating

 Can be re-used multiple times (limited designs)

 Excellent erosion resistance, can withstand longer casting sequences

 Suitable for stainless steel quality with high sequence life

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Design Options

HI-TECH LadleShroud is strategically designed to meet user requirements in the most optimum manner.

 Reinforcement of slag-line or tundish immersed part

 Range of length sizes available with a maximum size of 2500mm

 Metal can reinforcement in neck area for additional strength.

 Argon gas purging

 Ceramic fibre wrapping for enhanced thermal shock prevention

 Reverse taper designs

 Bell shaped designs to reduce turbulence in tundish

 Zero carbon liner design shroud for ultra low carbon steel

Supporting Accessories


HI-TECH Gaskets are available in multiple designs and types to ensure best possible sealing of the ladle shroud with the Ladle Slidegate Nozzle.

HI-TECH Gaskets can be provided both on supply basis as well as on management basis together with HI-TECH LadleShroud. Depending on the average sequence length, an equivalent number of gaskets can be provided along with the ladle shroud.

HI-TECH Gaskets offer the following benefits:

 Perfect airtight sealing with the Ladle Slidegate Nozzle prevents formation of any inclusions in steel due to oxidation

 Clean & easy application and removal after use

 Pressed graphite coating prevents friction with the Nozzle surface

 Significant reduction in nitrogen pickup

Argon Pipe

Argon pipes are used to blow argon in the steel stream flowing through the ladle shroud from the ladle to the tundish. HI-TECH ArgonPipe offers easy and reliable connection to the customer argon control system.