Nozzlex (Wellmix)

HI-TECH WellMix has the capability to offer a free opening performance as per client requirement for various grades, heat sizes, processes and bore configurations. Depending upon the application, we can offer a unique chromite or zircon grade blend to achieve the best possible free opening performance.

It is important to note that a non-free opening ladle can result into extreme drawbacks such as deterioration in steel quality by lancing, ladle/heat return and delay in casting which causes huge monetary losses to the plant. HI-TECH brings in years of experience and expertise to help address this problem in the most effective manner, by also identifying and addressing the some of the causes of non-free opening.

Potential sources of non-free opening

 Temperature: A too high or too low temperature can result into increased sintering and skull solidification over mound

 Small bore: Offers more resistance to free sand flowing due to lower available head pressure

 Contact time: Delays can result into increased sintering leading to thicker crust formation

 Nozzle change

HI-TECH nozzlex does not sinter at high temperatures and has excellent flowability, ensuring free opening of ladle.