HI-TECH designs and manufactures gas stir plugs, blocks and equipment for each specific application, basing the style, material and design upon specific customer requirements.

HI-TECH purge plugs are ideal for removing contaminants & non-metallic inclusions and for temperature regulation and homogenization. As purge plug is the primary element of the IPV assembly, HI-TECH ensures optimum performance results by designing and incorporating unique refractoriness such as resistance to corrosion, erosion and thermal shock as part of the purge plug body.

Besides purge plugs, we also provide supporting cast shapes, refractories and accessories as part of the complete package & solutions. IPV system consists of components such as purge plug, housing block, patching mass & castable, packing seal and ring gasket. S-IPV assembly system is an advanced version which also comprises of purge plug sleeve.

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Unidirectional Gas Purge Plug

Slotted plugs with unidirectional channels offer a wide range of designs for various purging application requirements.

 Flexible designs with variable slot numbers and profile.

 Channel accuracy to suit gas flow requirements.

Alumina Tube (RCA) Purge Plug

RCA or re-crystallised alumina tubes are sealed into a gas distribution chamber at the bottom, ensuring complete incoming of gas flow into hot metal.

 Tight assembly to provide reliable gas purging.

 Customizable slot profile for better gas flow controllability.

Porous Gas Purge Plug

Cast plug with porous core and directed pore structure to provide reliable gas flow performance.

 Pressed, cast fired plug that it is multi-component.

 Good permeability with controllable gas flow.

Plate Type Purge Plug

The plate type plugs offer unidirectional gas passages which are formed by pressed & fired alumina plates.

 Improved wear rate and effective wear indication.

 Enhanced life and performance

Purge Plugs Housing Blocks and Assembly

Hi-TECH housing blocks are manufactured using high quality ingredients with SS fibre and ring location configurations in a range of designs to meet all ladle linings and customer needs. Purge plug and housing block can be shipped as one preassembled unit from HI-TECH manufacturing locations on ready to use basis and can be fitted with any type of purge plugs.

 High density with good spalling resistance and superior erosion resistance.

 Assembly offers the convenience of quick changeover, thus also saving time.

 Can be preassembled with any type of plug and design

S-IPV Assembly

S-IPV offers an innovative method of ladle purging by incorporating an inner sleeve as part of the purge plug which provides longer lives of both housing block and purge plug.

 Less patching required, thus reducing the dependence on patching masses.

 Consistent performance with minimal erosion.

Systems and Mechanisms

HI-TECH provides sophisticated IPV systems for ladles on complete turnkey engineering, installation and commissioning basis. Our innovative design of IPV system stands to benefit steel makers in many ways,

 Extremely safe and reliable

 Improved gas flow control

 Convenient access to refractories and faster ladle turnaround time

 Unique shut-off facility in the event of steel breakout