We are able to tailor slidegate refractory designs and materials to suit individual customer requirements such as ladle design, ladle capacity, casting length and steel chemistries, to yield best optimum performance results.

Slidegate Plates

HI-TECH SlideGate plate implies higher multiple lives with much safety and cost effective cost per ton operations. Simplicity of design and operational efficiency have been instrumental in designing HI-TECH SlideGate plates. Depending on the customer requirements and operational practices, these plates can be manufactured in different qualities (Alumina Carbon, Alumina Spinel Carbon, Magnesia Spinel Carbon, Alumina Zirconia Carbon).

 No sourcing obstacles caused by patents

 Refractory quality matched to operation

 Engineered to control thermal cracks

 Highly competitive

Nozzles, Blocks and Castables

HI-TECH offers the unique advantage of a balanced refractory life across nozzles and blocks for most optimum results using an effective cost per performance model. HI-TECH Collector Nozzle, Upper/Lower Nozzle, Top/Bottom Well Block and Castables compliment our full range of plates and are designed to achieve consistent and reliable high performance in all areas of slidegate operations.

Systems and Mechanisms

As a pioneer in the field of refractories, HI-TECH has ample experience in the engineering, manufacture, supply, assembly and maintenance of sliding gate systems and mechanisms. We are completely focussed on system convenience and operational safety. For system maintenance, HI-TECH provides all necessary repair services, parts & accessories by means of individual services or management contracts (cost per performance).

 Increased stroke length for better flow control and prolonged plate life

 Simple to operate, safe and easy to maintain

 Fast turnaround and durable system

 Lower energy and refractory costs

 Less crane movement, possible reduction in number of ladles due to quicker turn around

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