Since HI-TECH’s founding in 1987, we have put our strongest priority on holding these values to be fundamental - Quality, Reliability, Innovation, Safety, Responsibility, People and Service Excellence, to deliver products with significant focus on helping improve customer processes. As a result of our continuous commitment to the industry, we are regarded as a truly reliable partner and a consistent manufacturer by our clients across the globe.

Over the years, HI-TECH’s research and applied knowledge has continuously delivered technical innovations for our customers.


HI-TECH products are used in extremely critical areas of customers’ operational processes where the level of risk to a catastrophic failure is very high, such that no compromise can be undertaken. Hence, quality continues to form our foremost area of dedication, values and commitment.

Our laboratory features state-of-the-art measuring and analytical equipment. In addition to commonly used standards and procedures, our team members develop techniques specially tailored to the requirements of steel casting to optimally characterize our products in our customers’ environment. This enables us to implement stringent and rigorous quality checks at every stages of production starting from raw materials to finished products testing, in order to ensure that best and consistent quality products are delivered always.

Integrity and Reliability

Our integrity values and dedication underpin the way we work and are an expression of the common culture we have established throughout the company.

Our commitment to consistently deliver quality products and services, in critical aspects of our customers’ manufacturing processes, gives our customers the confidence they need.


HI-TECH believes that safety is an integral part of good health and safe business. Our standardized work procedures and manuals are designed to ensure no accidents and no harm to people.